My Disney Fanfiction
Life In America

**WARNING: This fanfiction contains drugs, alcohol, cursing, and smut.**

Chapter 1  


   “Aww, well if it isn’t Sleeping Beauty awake from her slumber!” Said Richard as Michael walked into the kitchen. All the boys laughed from that, there was 4 of them, which didn’t amuse Michael. “Ah shut up, would ya? I’m not feelin’ my best.” He said, sitting down in the empty chair at the table. Richard passed him cigarette, but he declined. Richard was a tall guy, even though he was sitting down that was still obvious. He was 21, had dark brown hair that was slicked back, and deep brown eyes to match. He looked like a movie star, and people always told him that. Because it was true. “What did I do last night?” Asked Michael, who had now gone over to the fridge and was looking for something. “A better question would be what didn’t you do last night!” Said Richard, which yet again got laughs from everyone but Michael. “I think the best question would be who didn’t Michael do last night!” Said Jack. This made even more laughs erupt through the tiny house.

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