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Life In America

**WARNING: This fanfiction contains drugs, alcohol, cursing, and smut.**

Chapter 3 


    If there was one thing Michael Darling liked it was girls, and there were tons of them at the party. “Damn, these girls are gorgeous beyond compare.” He said as they walked into the party. “Ya got that right.” Richard said. “Agreed.” Jack said. “I’ve never seen so many gorgeous girls in one place.” Warren said. “Well, are we just gonna stand here and talk about ‘em, or are we gonna go get some action?” Michael said with a sly grin. They all split up, going out to get the first girl that caught their eye.

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Life In America

*WARNING: This fanfiction contains drugs, alcohol, cursing, and smut**

Chapter 2 


   Michael didn’t play professional baseball or anything, he just played for fun. He played in a league that was sort of like the minor-leagues, but lower. It was the only thing he did other than drink, pick up girls, go to the pub, and crash parties. And he was good at it. In fact, he was the best on his team. “Aww, look who decided to join us today!” Said Antonio. He was tall with tan skin, had short brown hair, and had green eyes. He spoke in a thick Spanish accent, which was normal because he was from Puerto Rico. “Hey Antonio.” Michael said as he looked around curiously. “Where’s your brother?” He asked. “Which one? I have six!” “Bernardo. Why would I care about any other ones?” Michael really didn’t like Antonio all too much, he only liked Bernardo. Maybe he didn’t like Antonio because he was only twenty-five and always called Michael his “Little American Brother”, or maybe it was because he always bossed him around. Michael didn’t really know, all he knew was that he didn’t like Antonio.

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Life In America

**WARNING: This fanfiction contains drugs, alcohol, cursing, and smut.**

Chapter 1  


   “Aww, well if it isn’t Sleeping Beauty awake from her slumber!” Said Richard as Michael walked into the kitchen. All the boys laughed from that, there was 4 of them, which didn’t amuse Michael. “Ah shut up, would ya? I’m not feelin’ my best.” He said, sitting down in the empty chair at the table. Richard passed him cigarette, but he declined. Richard was a tall guy, even though he was sitting down that was still obvious. He was 21, had dark brown hair that was slicked back, and deep brown eyes to match. He looked like a movie star, and people always told him that. Because it was true. “What did I do last night?” Asked Michael, who had now gone over to the fridge and was looking for something. “A better question would be what didn’t you do last night!” Said Richard, which yet again got laughs from everyone but Michael. “I think the best question would be who didn’t Michael do last night!” Said Jack. This made even more laughs erupt through the tiny house.

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My Armada

Before I start writing and posting anything, it would be best if you knew all my ships. I call them “My Armada” because I have so many ships I have my own armada.

Yes. Okay, anyways…

Here is a list of some of my ships in my armada (please note that this list often grows):

  • Peter Pan And Wendy Darling (Young): When I say young, I mean like they appear in the movie. They’re not really “in love”, Wendy just has a cute crush on Peter and it’s cute
  • Peter and Wendy (Adult): This will become more clear later. But to sum it up as much as possible, I have this vision that they get married and have kids and yeah… On my Wendy RP I have a multiple part headcannon about this kinda
  • Wendy and Hook: Let me explain. Hook is all creepy and stuff and Wendy is all “Noo! You scare me!” and Peter is all “You old codfish! She’s my Wendy, not yours!” It’s… kinda complicated.
  • Alice and Mad Hatter: OLDER Alice and Hatter. Like, Alice is 19 and Hatter is like 25. Long story… You’ll find that out later
  • Roger and Anita (101 Dalmations): I just ship them so much because they are beautiful
  • Tiana and Naveen: Who dosen’t ship them? I mean really. They are flawless and deserve all the awards
  • Older Michael Darling with every girl he sets eyes on: Yet again from my headcannon on my Wendy RP. I have this thing where older Michael went to America for 4 years and it changed him and he’s a player and he’s charming and everyone loves him and yeah. It’s one of my favortie things in the whole world
  • Nani and David (Lilo and Stitch): This is so incredible I can’t even describe it
  • Pocahontas and John Smith: I CAAAAAAAN’T!!! I’m fangirling now. They are the perfect couple and that is that
  • Mary Poppins and Bert: Okay, everyone ships them. I know. I just know.
  • Aladdin with himself: Because I hate Jasmine and Aladdin is that type of dude he needs to be single
  • Lottie and Facilier (Princess and The Frog): This came from somewhere deep inside the dark side of my brain and sometimes I wish it just would have stayed there…
  • Jasmine and Jafar: As much as I hate Jasmine, and Jafar, I love this ship
  • Esmeralda and Frollo: Okay,  this is kinda like the Wendy and Hook thing, but Esmeralda can fend for herself and is a strong women, unlike Wendy
  • Tiana and Rapunzel: This is a frienship ship. I think they would get along like sisters or something
  • Wendy and Flynn (or Eugene, because I prefer that): Another friendship thing. Like, big brother-little sister thing. He picks on her and it’s cute
  • Merida and Flynn Eugene: Maybe he can be a little younger. And this may, and probably will, change once I see Brave
  • Mulan and herself and herself and herself: I put that many times on purpose. She is a strong, kick-butt warrior who does not need no man in her life. And Shang-yu makes me angry (if that’s even how you spell his name)
  • Genie with his reflection: Let’s get real, he’d flirt with his reflection and tell it funny pick-up lines and give it flowers

That’s some of them. This is really long though so I’ll stop there. Hope you had fun and enjoyed it!

Fanfictions I’m thinking about writing/in the process of writing
  • Peter Pan (Multiple ideas because I love Peter Pan more than anything)
  • Brave (Might wait until after I see the movie…)
  • Beauty And The Beast
  • Alice In Wonderland (Many ideas because I just njfnjbaehuw)
  • Lady And The Tramp (Not what you think)
  • Lilo And Stitch (Yet again not what you think)
  • The Princess And The Frog (Another love of mine)
  • Sleeping Beauty

Have ideas? Submit them to me!

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